Uniqpol – A Great Web for an European Meat Producer in Canada!

Do you have a successful business but your web is taken from a sitcom from the 90’s? How can y you improve your online presence? Exactly, with TheFreshApps!

They contacted us from the far Canada. A Polish couple who has spent already half a life in Canada, driving a meat and cuissine-related business based on European dishes, ending up growing quite a lot and employing hundreds of people.

However, they were missing a proper website and, even worse, a website to truly represent their vast variety of products. So no more talk, they got their hands dirty, and with the help of one of the new branding girls, we planned what the new website had to look like, what information it had to contain, and what needs wa it going to satisfy for the visitors.

After nearly two intense months, the new web was born. Responsive and adaptable to all types of screens; fast and visually attractive; useful, with a new incorporated section for recipes as well as to display the nutritional tables of their products. A website that now generates anonymous stats so that Uniqpol can know now where to expand geographically.


Oh, no. What have we done?