Agnieszka Światły – Shop Manager

How do you manage your business while on a Portuguese paradise beach? Exactly, with FreshApps!

The management of Agnieszka Światły (a well known designer and bran of wedding dresses in Poland), needed to convert their tools (worker tasks, and business agenda in paper) into digital tools and store them in the Cloud, so they could have access to it from anywhere, recover in case of a disaster or analyze business data whenever and however they want. And it would be eco-friendly, wouldn’t it?

We created an amazing Agenda online for their core business, with additional features like SMS reminders for their clients on their first visit, e-mail alerts to management if anybody would remove by accident a crucial meeting from the Agenda; capacity to add, edit and remove customer meetings, and easily visualize them by colors and tag names. Moreover, a fantastic search bar that quickly would let you find the customer you have on the phone!

Even more, we also developed a Production plan area where workers can mark the status of a particular order, sorted by delivery date and with filters by any of the shops in Poland to where they sell!

We built all this in a way that adding a new feature would be a matter of few days of work! Isn’t that amazing?

The design (based on a given color palette), frontend and backend were made by us here, in FreshApps.


Oh, no. What have we done?