Agnieszka Światły – New Website & Shop

The well-known brand of wedding dresses Agnieszka Światły had a website which was… meh. Weddings are a traditional market thus, Agnieszka Światły had not invested, as well as her direct competitors, as much on a website as should had. Due to succesful past jobs, they decided in Agnieszka Światły that we were a safe bet for a new high quality website.

We researched the web analytics and realized that their clients mostly surfed the present and last year collection, and left the web. Knowing this, we reduced the main menu, matching best the goals of both the site and the brand. Even more, we structured each of the pages based on the analytics, in order to provide the best user experience.

The pictures were not optimized, turning a meh-site into a total-useless-site, by taking ages to load and, in the case of using Internet data, the web was literally exhausting a whole month package of Internet data in a few minutes. Not cool.

Feeling lucky, the Agnieszka Światły team decided that it was the best moment to innovate and asked us to use the opportunity and create an online shop on the web where they would sell their elegant shoes.

So far, all current analytics shows that the new web is being a total success: (1) visitors spend longer times exploring the collections due faster load times, (2) visitors read more information related to the brand to raise awareness, and (3) Agnieszka Światły has expanded and started to sell abroad their shoes!

We here were responsible for all: design, frontend and backend (using WordPress to minimize costs), market research and user experience (UX).


Oh, no. What have we done?