Making things clear for you

We are specialized in web apps, but also able under especial requests to create professional websites or Android mobile applications. We do programming. We do not do SEO nor digital marketing, we do not believe in companies that offer it all, unicorns are not our thing. When it’s all about design, do not worry: we closely collaborate with one of the best agencies in town.

You are worried about the price

We help you to elimite wastefull features as well as try to find faster ways to deliver your project's ideas, so that the price is smaller. We prefer a regular happy client than a sad broke one!

Your project is too big to pay all at once

Usually we ask for two payments: at the beginning and at the end. But we're a fresh company, we're flexible! For example, we can help you splitting the project into significant smaller pieces, so that we can start collaborating with one of them instead of the whole huge thing!

You want to keep control of the project

Do you have problems to communicate with the people you want? Great, neither do we! WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, Skype, ...; from Day 1 we will be in constant contact, both ways. We, to update you with our work, and you, for giving us feedback.

Your dream is too complex

Our job is to make manageable, realistic, and simpler your dream. Also, it might be that it looks complex to you, but technically it's not. Do not worry, leave the dirty work for us!

Constant Communication

We communicate. A lot. If you ask us, our perfect scenario is where we do talk once a week and discuss the news of the project and you give us your feedback.


For the visible part of your web app, we use Angular, a web framework created by Google and used by big companies like Ryanair.


We are eco-friendly. We use Kanban (Agile methodology) to organize our work-flow and minimize time-effort waste that others produce. It means we're fast.

Amazon Web Services

We use Cloud services to make your data resilient and cost-effective. We have experience with AWS, and willing to learn other Cloud services if they suit you best!


The latest version of Java for your servers. Java is one of the most widely used languages.

WordPress landing pages

WordPress landing pages are the best cost-effective solutions for your MVP or business page! We know of it.


We cooperate with design, 3D modelling and marketing agencies to make it easier for you to reach your life goals.

We are not like other companies where they promise you a web, SEO, digital marketing, quality, security, and all for the cheapest price. We do not pretend to know everything. Here, we’re honest, if we do not know something, we cooperate with the best in market for you.


Oh, no. What have we done?