Web applications for your business.

We know turning your ideas into reality is hard work. Let us do it for you.

Powerful, flexible and resilient web applications.

We apply our years of experience to turn your ideas into reality. We work in a project-base, so we do not apply ‘magic’ recipes to every client. If we do not know something, we just learn it.

We treat your idea or business as if it were ours. If you grow, we grow, so why not to do our best together?

Our Results Look Like This

A Handcrafted Shop Manager

A Fantastic Catalog

A Fresh Wine Store

Our Current Top Secret Projects

Macbook with palms on the screen

A Rebranded Site for a National Shop

Macbook with palms on the screen

An Innovative Marketplace for Education

What Are Our Customers Pains

Web app as an MVP

Some want to risk the minimum to quickly test a business idea (MVP)

Web app as a Business

Others have a clear vision of a project and want us to do the dirty job.

We are here for you

Who The Heck Are We?

We Are Fresh Like Spanish Fruit

We are a young Spanish-Polish company, dynamic, backed with years of experience in the business, and born from the collaboration between friends.

We think everybody has to have a chance to turn their dreams true. Our mission is to help you live in Bora Bora while still running your business. We are FRESH, not only in age but in mentality.


This Is How We Work

Constant Communication

We communicate. A lot. If you ask us, our perfect scenario is where we do talk once a week and discuss the news of the project and you give us your feedback.


For the visible part of your web app, we use Angular, a web framework created by Google and used by big companies like Ryanair.


We are eco-friendly. We use Kanban (Agile methodology) to organize our work-flow and minimize time-effort waste that others produce. It means we're fast.

Amazon Web Services

We use Cloud services to make your data resilient and cost-effective. We have experience with AWS, and willing to learn other Cloud services if they suit you best!


The latest version of Java for your servers. Java is one of the most widely used languages.

WordPress landing pages

WordPress landing pages are the best cost-effective solutions for your MVP or business page! We know of it.


We cooperate with design, 3D modelling and marketing agencies to make it easier for you to reach your life goals.

We are not like other companies where they promise you a web, SEO, digital marketing, quality, security, and all for the cheapest price. We do not pretend to know everything. Here, we’re honest, if we do not know something, we cooperate with the best in market for you.

Contact Us

(+48) 732 014 863

Manganowa 5/17
Wroclaw, Poland

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